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The Coffee

We Only Use The Best...


Arabica beans grow best in altitudes from 2000 to 6000 feet. This species has the most flavor and aroma of all coffee beans. At these higher elevations the beans grow and develop more slowly, leading to more complex and enhanced flavor characteristics. These are the beans we search out to purchase and roast into specialty premium gourmet coffees.


Moka Joe is proud to be one of a handful of coffee roasters in the nation who purchase and roast 100% Fair Trade Certified beans. This means that the beans come from farming cooperatives and small farms of less than 15 acres.


All of these superior Arabica beans are shade grown using traditional farming methods to preserve biodiversity and bird habitat. In most cases, that means hand pruning and weeding, thinning and harvesting. Only organic compost and fertilizers are used to encourage the well-being of the plants. As an understory crop, the coffee beans mature more slowly than those raised in full sun as a plantation crop, and several pickings are done to catch each bean at the height of its flavor capacity.


It is always an exciting time when the big burlap bags arrive at our Roastery with exotic markings… As orders come in, our roastmaster selects the combination of beans and roasts them in small batches using our state-of-the-art Diedrich drum roaster. This roasting process uses less direct heat so the roast is more gently controlled, ending with a consistent product with consistent taste – batch after batch.

Beer Collection

African Dark Ale

Dark Roast

"Full-Bodied with an Earthy, Bold Richness."

Latin American Lager

Medium Dark Roast

“Sweet, Aromatic & Herbal Nuances.”

Porter Blend

Dark Roast

“Savory Dark Fruits, Honey Notes, Clean Finish.”

Shackleton's Stout

Darkest Dark Roast

“Bold & Robust (like sir Shackleton Himself) Soft, Clean Finish.”

Coyote Coffee

Bad to the Bone - Biker Brew

Darkest Dark Roast

"Dark, rich not for the faint at heart."

Mt. Baker Blend

French Roast

"Grown at high elevation - deep, full-bodied, and  beautifuly smooth as the mountain we admire."

House Blend

House Roast

"A blend of Central American and Ethiopian coffee rich aromatic & full of life."

San Jaun Sunrise

Morning Blend City Roast

"Bright & flavorful with chocolate aroma - great breakfast blend."

Moka Joe


Medium Roast

“Dark Chocolate & Toasted Chestnuts makes for a Slightly Spicy & Full Bodied Balanced Cup."


Dark Roast

“Deep, Dark, Dangerously Potent."

Dark Sumatra

Dark Roast

“Deep & Dark Mellow Sweet Finish.”

French Roast

Dark Roast

“Crisp, Medium Bodied, Lovely Aftertaste.”


Dark Dark Roast

“Bold, Sweet, Intense.”

Moka Joe Blend

Medium Roast

"Smooth & Hearty, The Prefect Blend."

Moka Joe Decaf

Medium Roast

“The Decaf of Your Dreams...”

New Morning

Medium Roast

“Bright, Fruity, Floral & Nutty -Awaken Your Senses.”

Samish Island

Medium Roast

"Light & Lively, Mellow & Balanced."


Medium Roast

“Earthy Richness, Chocolaty-Nutty Flavor.”

Charity Collection

El Salvadoran Benefit for Lions Club

Medium Roast

“El Salvadorian, Arabica Coffee.”

Cafe Femenino Bolivian

Medium Roast

"Lush, Chocolaty Bolivian beans from a Women’s